Cadet Program

        As an important cornerstone of our mission is the desire of developing a more extended Cadet Program. We do have a large number of freshly minds and skilful hands which can start a career with the help of our Principals and that is why ValDor CONSHIPPING can offer serious employment for Cadets that can prove their ambition and dedication as well as their knowledge accumulated from the University and their willingness of embracing such opportunity. 

        This program it offers the Principal the chance of forming the future loyal officers which can join the vessels and representing the romanian work force so desirable in the domain we activate in. 

       On the other hand, as for the third and forth year of study, but also newly graduated, our Romanian institutes - The Maritime University of Constanta and The Naval Academy " Mircea cel Batran" can offer the departing cadets the chance of access the well-known ERASMUS PROGRAM.