Our recruiting experience was achieved in time, by passing through many obstacles and struggles,

but has reached a point of content by implementing our own way of identify and select the proper candidates,

with the help of various tests and interview forms that can allow us to opt for the best choises for our prestige clients

and continue our activity among the best recruiters in the romanian maritime field.

To make our progress possible we resort to some key elements such as:

1. Keeping our goals always in front of our daily target.

2. A team of professional, qualified and experienced people

who will manage every unexpected situations.

3. Strong Leadership. 

4. Carefully evaluating our actions and attention to our clients needs or demands.

5. Flexibility. 


ValDor CONSHIPPING is proud to recruit and provide qualified maritime personnel,

respecting every demand and manage every situation encountered  for our following prestige clients: 



  •  FCM SRL.

0040 721 300 229; 0040 767 923 883; 0040 341 489 868

33, Strada Petru Vulcan

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